Hydraulic or regen foot brake


Hydraulic master cylinder activates rear brake (replacing hand operated master cylinder). Due to clearance issues, front-most peg position is not available.

Bike Requirements:

- Master cylinder uses only dot4/dot5.1 brake fluid and is incompatible with brakes that use mineral oil such as stock brakes. We recommend Hope Tech V4 calipers. Included with kit is 10mm to 6x1.0mm female banjo fitting for connection hydraulic brake line.

- Regen function requires an aftermarket motor controller with analog regen input. Please check with the company that provided the upgrade kit for compatibility. The output connector is 3 pins female Higo connector (same as Bafang 3 pin throttle). Please contact us for the other connector options.

How to order 

Dear SurRonshop customers, in order to purchase this product with 5% discount please visit the original supplier using the link below and apply "SURRONSHOP1" discount code.

Mechanical - [ https://www.ntcdesigns.com/products/sur-ron-hydraulic-rear-foot-brake]

Regen - [ https://www.ntcdesigns.com/products/sur-ron-hydraulic-regen-rear-foot-brake ]



Dear SurRonshop customers, in order to purchase this product with 5% discount please visit the original supplier using the link below and apply "SURRONSHOP1" discount code.


[ https://ebike.ntc-tech.com/collections/frontpage/products/sur-ron-regen-rear-foot-brake ]


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