High performance 72v battery


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Battery specifications:

  • 42ah72v (60+ miles on a single charge)
  • 240 amps (6c peak discharge current) // 18.000w peak power output tested
  • 16.7kg weight
  • 21700 cells
  • Percentage and voltage reading LCD screen integrated in the battery cap
  • Internals filled with resin compound for water or vibrations protection 
  • Charger is optional (not ompatible with factory charger)
  • Compatible with Sur-Ron battery connector
  • Bluetooth interface for battery data monitoring using a smartphone app


Battery kit contains: battery, longer cap clip, spare connectors.


Fits into the Sur-Ron battery spacing with a use of an extended battery cap clip that is included in the kit. No frame grinding! Custom bottom plastic tray can be ordered separately to let the cap close with a factory clip as well. Factory controller is not supported!


SurRonshop&EMAX battery videos:


1) Smartphone app instructions: https://youtu.be/1Ql5nKMPg0A

Apps for IOS and Android link: [https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1la_Ig8ZIPIScMZvGlyynjWPXcBIW8WI0?usp=sharing]

Purchase conditions are as following: 2495$ is the price of a battery, shipment costs depend on order quantity and destination country. Shipping takes 10-12 days to arrive.

Do not hesitate to contact us for discount information, multiple orders get up to 20% off!


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